Training Process

Children of 5 years and above are considered for admission. They are thoroughly assessed in different areas such as physical activities, communication skills, self-help skills, functional academic skills etc. they are categorized into different age groups according to their mental ape. The various groups are pre-primary, primary, secondary, pre-vocational and vocational. Training begins after Individual Educational Programs (IEP) is set for each child in consultation with parents. Training is imparted in the areas of self-help, speech & language, physiotherapy, academics and vocational.

  • Self-help skills includes – Toilet Training, eating skills, brushing, grooming etc.
  • Speech and language includes – Vocabulary building, sentence level conversations.
  • Physiotherapy includes – Gross and fine motor developments
  • Academics includes – Functional academics like reading, writing, arithmetic skills, concepts.
  • Vocational Training includes – Making of wax made candles/diyas, screen printing, sanitary and paper products (paper bags, office files, wallet parking cards).


Co-curricular and recreational activities are also part of the curriculum. Dance and singing, sports, birthday celebrations, celebration of various festivals etc., are included in the curriculum. These activities are aimed at developing social and emotional skills, encourage brotherhood and tolerance.


Four parent-teachers meeting are help during the academic year to give and take feed-back from the parents. Parents are briefed about the goals set for their child and programs are given to do follow-ups at home.