Between 12 to 14 years of age group children are included in secondary group. In this group, importance is more given to Functional Academics along with self-help, motor, communication, socialization, and pre-vocational skills.

Throwing an object to more than 10 feet distance, lifting heavy things with both the hands, striking match sticks etc. are trained in motor skills. Asking for directions/help in unfamiliar situations, proper usage of toilets, and dress for the occasions, maintaining personal hygiene is trained in self-help care.

Communication & social skills are introduced in this group, occupation of parents, taking care of his/her belongings in any situation. Comprehension of simple and complex sentences, expressions gestures through gestures and simple sentences. Simple grammar of Present, Past and Future tenses is introduced. Story telling and attending telephone calls are also introduced.

Curriculum in academics is also planned for Secondary group children who are useful in child’s day to day life. Functional academics such as reading &writing name/address, days of week, months of year, filling bio-data and simple letter writing. Children are trained in computational skills –i.e., additions, subtractions, multiplication and divisions. We are also giving training in higher concepts like identification of Currency notes and coins, transaction of money, telling time and reading a calendar. Children are trained in domestic and Pre-vocational skills also.