Between 5 to 8 years age group children are trained in this group, to acquire self-help activities, gross and fine motor skills, communication skills, cognitive skills, basic concepts, pre- academics and some basic pre-vocational skills are included in the curriculum.

Toilet training, brushing, bathing, eating, dressing and grooming skills are taught here. Appropriate activities and materials are used to improve sitting tolerance, attention and concentration, eye-hand co-ordination and co-ordination of different body parts.

Children learn Communication skills like comprehension of simple words, phrases and sentences. They also learn to speak words/phrases.

They are trained in basic Social skills like sharing things, greeting others, following- basic rules of life, playing with the peer group. Basic concepts of size, color, shape, alphabets and number etc. / pre-requisite skills of reading, writing and arithmetic skills are taught. Some basic pre-vocational activities like pasting, mopping, dusting, etc. are also included in the curriculum.