It is a part of unit in the school. It will help the children in all the conditions in a physical way with out giving any medication (medicines). This physiotherapy is used for all the people and we cannot say these aged people only. Through physiotherapy these mental retarded children are improving fine motor and grass motor skills. It is important and most useful for these handicapped children. It is the use for the people from the age of 3months baby to above 60 years old. In this unit will treat all different types of cases without taking any medication. Giving the treatment with physical modalities and electrical modalities. The physical modalities are done physically by the patients/children with out therapy support and it is known as active exercise. When we are taking therapy support it is known as passive exercise. These passive exercises are using mostly for the cerebral palsy, paralysis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, paeriarthritis, etc. the physiotherapy is useful for the fracture patient also after removing the plaster of Paris to get a range of motion movement so physio is needed and it is very important to them. These handicapped children is needed the physio in gait training, develop the muscle strengthening of lower limb and upper limb, obesity, fine motor and grass motor skills, etc..

Children are trained to acquire gross and fine motor skills – like standing, walking, increase muscle power, improve blood circulation, balancing ( in sitting & standing position ), relieving and reducing pain, maintaining and improving mobility in joints. Reducing and preventing contractions and deformities of muscles, maintaining and increasing the vital capacity etc.

We are also providing these services to the general public. We are committed to reach out to the middle and lower income group in particular. Our motto is to make Physiotherapy services at most affordable cost to theses group of people.