Our Donors

The following organizations and individuals have supported for the growth of Prerana Special School from time to time.

SNO Name/Organization
1 HSBC sponsored teachers from 2008 – 2011.
2 Uma Amarnath, MD – Tirumala Music Centre sponsoring a teacher since 2005.
3 Ramesh reddy, MD – Sree Power Control Systems sponsoring a teacher since 2013.
4 Krishna Reddy, M.P.CRM Charitable Trust sponsoring a teacher since 2012.
5 YSR Founcation (U.S) sponsoring students since 2012.
6 Dr. Y. Kiran, CMD – Suchir India Foundation sponsoring a teacher since 2010.
7 MYTAS, April 2007.
8 Hyderabad 10k Run Foundation, April 2007.
9 Elem Investments Private ltd., Jan 2008.
10 Lelam Pranalal Charitable Trust, April 2008.
11 M/s. K.C.P. Limited, July 2008.
12 Chiranjeevi Reddy – Tana foundation (U.S.), July 2008.
13 M/s Kirby Building Systems India, June 2009.
14 Mr. Suresh Babu, July 2009.
15 V. Ravi Bharath Reddy, Aug 2009.
16 Mrs. Sunitha and Mr. Narredy Rajasekhar Reddy, Dec 2008 and Feb 2010.
17 Mr. Katagadda Krishna Prasad (U.S), Feb 2008.
18 SMS Pharma Ceuticals Ltd.
19 M/s Hetero Drugs Pvt. Ltd.
20 Mr. Badiga Rama Krishna.
21 Mr. W. Lakshmi Narayana, Seaways Shipping Ltd.
22 Parvathaneni Foundations, Seaways Shipping Ltd.
23 Bharath Anclu. Mr. Nagi Reddy.
24 Mr. Srinivas Reddy, U.S Texas.
25 Sai Advantium, Oct 2007.
26 Apna Foundation U.S, Feb 2008.
27 Mrs. Sudha Jagan, June 2009.
28 M/s UCO Bank Officers’ Association (India), Nov 2009.
29 Mr. Rami Reddy, U.S.
30 Ms. Captain Veeresh Bhutan.
31 M/s Balaji Jewellers.
32 M/s Dynasole Industries.
33 Mr. A Sudhakar Rao, AP State Electricity Board Engineers’ Association, June 2008.
34 Mr. Abhay Chowdary, C/o Maruthi Showroom.
35 Mr. Vasi Reddy, S.V. Prasad – Jupitar.
36 Mr. Y.V. Rao – Reliance Global Services, Nov 2009.
37 Mr. Venkat Krishnan – Chennai, April 2010.
38 Mr & Mrs. Anil Chawla, Sep 2010.
39 Mr. G. Raveendar Reddy, Sep 2010.
40 Mr. Satyanarayana Reddy (Builder), Oct 2010.
41 Mr. P Bala Krishna, Khammam presented Public Address System.


Who and what can sponsors:

The donor can be an individual or a trust and they can sponsor in any way they like.

  1. The donor can sponsor annual fee of a child.
  2. The donor can sponsor annual salary of a teacher
  3. The donor can sponsor excursion trips
  4. Expenditure of national festivals
  5. By sponsoring launch a month to the children and staff
  6. Encourage children by way of placing orders for Office Files, Printing of Visiting cards, Greeting Cards, Colorful wax made Diyas etc.
  7. Donations are exempted form Income Tax U/s 80 G of Income Tax Act.